A wide variety of partnerships

Local authorities, corporate patrons, film-making professionals working at the regional, national and international level, researchers and universities working on the images of tomorrow: Groupe Ouest is a strong believer in combined expertise. Indeed, at the crossroads of economy and culture, film-making is a complex industry that calls on an amazing variety of fields.

When a project is launched to create an ecosystem for converting a region (Brittany) into a laboratory for developing tomorrow’s cinema, can there be any doubt that partnerships are of paramount importance? Groupe Ouest’s project, and Groupe Ouest itself, would be nothing without enterprising and committed partners.

They finance the operation of Groupe Ouest:
Public partners:
They helped launch Groupe Ouest and have remained committed, contributing half of the funds we need for our projects.
Industry partners:
They are of course of paramount importance in developing a new economic sector. These companies support Groupe Ouest on a yearly basis under the French law on cultural patronage and contribute the other half of our funding needs.

They work alongside Groupe Ouest:
Professional partners:
We work with many talented film-making professionals, both writers and technicians, from Brittany and all corners of the world, from Montreal to Turin and Brighton to Dubai. They are an invaluable asset for bringing our ideas to life.
Research partners:
Their combined research work opens the way to tomorrow’s images…
Facilitating networking between all these parties is a fascinating and mutually enriching activity. As you read on, find out what doors such collaborations open.

An innovative economic model in Brittany for the development of cinema

In Europe, projects similar to Groupe Ouest are often fully funded by public funds. It is namely the case for the TorinoFilmLab, our partner in Italy. It is funded by the region and the city of Turin to develop in Piedmont a world-class ecosystem for independent cinema.
In the USA, the Sundance Film Institute founded by Robert Redford is mostly funded by private funds through tax-exempt patronage that is specific to the American system.

Groupe Ouest is financed in a manner that is halfway between the USA’s method and the European approach for similar projects. We depend in equal proportions on public funding (Finistère, Brittany Region, the French State and Europe) and private funding, through regional corporate patronage programmes led by the Crédit Agricole of Finistère.

With the creation of the Breizh Film Fund, Groupe Ouest, with the support of the Crédit Agricole of Finistère and Brittany Region, is finalising the development of new cinema-funding instruments that are consistent with Brittany’s economic landscape.