Group photo of LIM during workshop 3 in Le Groupe Ouest,Brittany

First year of the pan-European development programme for limited budget feature film

In October 2017, the third and last workshop of LIM 2017 was held in Le Groupe Ouest’s home village, in Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages, on Brittany’s rocky north coast. Feedbacks after this first year of the European development programme for limited budget feature films and perspectives for year 2…!

Created by Le Groupe Ouest in Brittany, in partnership with Romania (Control N & TIFF), Flanders (VAF) and Poland (Krakow Festival Office — KBF), and with the support of Creative Europe, LIM | Less is More launched its first call for projects in 2016. And from year one, LIM’s experience started with 300 applications received from 59 countries.

After selecting sixteen filmmakers from Europe and beyond, as well as four new generation European producers, LIM’s experience began. Workshops in small villages — Flanders, Transylvania and Brittany — and start of a new perspective on script and project development: combining brains of consultants in a new way, helping filmmakers to benefit from phases of intense brainstorming, incorporating the idea that limitations can be used as a trigger for more creativity, as well as more storytelling intensity.

After a first year with astonishing filmmakers from fifteen countries, the results are more than convincing, with some of the films that will be shot in the next months, and others that will go into production mid-2018. And one thing seems pretty clear: the creative excitement generated by limitations is huge, pushing filmmakers (and all of us) into a rare type of intensity during the development process that we didn’t think was possible.

For 2018, new partners and new countries will be part of the second Meeting Event organised by LIM during Transylvania International Film Festival in Cluj-Napoca, allowing new producers to join the experience. LIM aims at building a European network of collaborations, coproductions and exchange of best practices regarding independent limited budget cinema, and we believe that through this path, LIM is touching the heart of what independent filmmaking will mean in Europe and beyond.

LIM 2018 call for projects is open | Deadline 30 October 2017
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