Massoud Bakhshi’s feature film  — 2015 Annual Selection & Breizh Film Fund 2016 — supported by the Brittany Region

YALDA, the project developed by Massoud Bakhshi within the framework of the 2015 Annual Selection, benefited recently from the support of the Brittany Region and was held by the ZDF/ARTE committee, as well as by the French-German mini-treaty, OFC, Cinéforom, Pictanovo, TorinoFilmLab, ANGOA and Schortcut.

The film already received several prizes, in particular the Global Filmmaking Award at Sundance 2017.

Produced by Jacques Bidou & Marianne Dumoulin (JBA Production) in coproduction with Fred Prémel (Tita B), Nicole Gerhards (NiKofilm), Joëlle Bertossa (Close Up)  and in collaboration with Pyramide.