In June, le Groupe Ouest welcomed TorinoFilmLab’s international session

From the 14th to the 21st of June 2014, le Groupe Ouest welcomed the 27 authors of Script&Pitch and Audience Design programmes (TorinoFilmLab) in Brignogan, as well as their consultants: Antoine Le Bos, Valeria Richter, Franz Rodenkirchen, Lena Thiele and Anita Voorham. All week, the authors alternated between script development group sessions and individual working moments.

They said

Just arrived in Brignogan-Plage for the second workshop of the Torino Film Lab. Immediately reaffirms how much I love Bretagne. Bryn Chainey – Script&Pitch scriptwriter

Thanks a lot @LeGroupeOuest and @TorinoFilmLab for a great week in beautiful Brignogan! Arne Kohlweyer – Script&Pitch scriptwriter

The fact of  being in Brignogan, in a small village, helps to empty your head. It allows us to work intensely on the scenario, then to change our minds by going to the sea and not remaining blocked on our stories. Fien Troch – Script&Pitch scriptwriter

The authors are often rather urban persons. Being in Brignogan for them is a sort of “retreat”. It helps them to concentrate on their work. Besides, when the organisation is good the authors just have to concentrate on the job and it is the case here. Philippe Barrière –Script&Pitch story editor trainee


Le Groupe Ouest and TorinoFilmLab : a 7-year collaboration for film-makers and new forms of script development workshops experimentation.