Les 8 auteures-réalisatrices du Boost Camp, entourées d'Anne-Louise Trividic, Séverine Vermersch et Antoine Le Bos

 …to support the development of 8 projects of feature films carried by women!

This initative launched by the Belgian producer Diana Elbaum (Entre chien et loup), in partnership with Le Groupe Ouest and Deuxième Regard, the Boost Camp is a workshop, with three sessions in residency, arisen from the desire to support projects of Belgian and French directors, for more equality between men and women in the cinematographic industry.

The two first sessions of the Boost Camp will take place in Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages (Brittany), under the leadership of Anne-Louise Trividic and Séverine Vermersch, around the scenarios of the films. The third session will take place in Brussels and will be centred on the access to markets and to financing.