toryTANK, Bringing together screenwriters & researchers

The European “Think Tank” focussing on storytelling


One on one meetings, brainstorming sessions with scriptwriters and researchers from the fields of cognitive science, psychiatry, neuroscience, phenomenology, human sciences, mathematics… Filmed by Les Parasites, creators of the series “Collapse”.

How do stories work?
How do scriptwriters work?
Is the scriptwriter also a storyteller?
Is it possible to create new story models?
Can stories transform us?
How and why does the viewer come on board?
How does storytelling produce meaning?
What kind of stories help us in daily life?

From a humanistic perspective, the key idea behind StoryTANK is to create a European coalition of talents and researchers to refine our understanding of how narratives work, how fiction is constructed to create meaning, beyond the systematised and symbolised archetypes associated with Hollywood.
StoryTANK opens up new perspectives and new angles of understanding for one of the most complex and fascinating professions: scriptwriting, storytelling, author, the creation of singular worlds.

After a first year of exploration, StoryTANK launched its own YouTube channel. Once we’ve completed the second round of discussions with storytelling specialists and researchers from France, England, Germany, Belgium, Senegal, Colombia and Afghanistan, we will continue with more interviews to be announced and put online throughout 2021.



StoryTANK is created by Le Groupe Ouest & LIM | Less is More, with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA & CNC, processed by Atelier 7 & Les Parasites, developed with Control N (Romania), Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF (Belgium), Krakow Festival Office – KBF (Poland), and the Transilvania International Film Festival – TIFF (Romania), in partnership with the Lithuanian Film Centre – LKC, the Norwegian Film Institute – NFI, as well as the Région Bretagne (France) and Screen Scotland.

Photo Brigitte Bouillot