Frères d'arme en tournage à Brest

Sylvain Labrosse is shooting his feature film, supported by the Breizh Film Fund, in Brest

From 18 to 29 April, the shooting of Sylvain Labrosse’s first feature film – “Brotherland” – was held in Brest (Brittany). The film is supported by the Breizh Film Fund, the endowment fund created by Le Groupe Ouest.

Produced by La Vie est Belle and Oriflamme Films, in co-production with Paris-Brest Productions, the film gathers Vincent Rottiers and Kévin Azaïs, interpreting two brothers: Emil and Stanko Matesic.

“Brotherland” is the story of Emil and his brother, Stanko, who have something in common: they both remember a terrible event that happened when they were children in Montenegro. Both are now immigrants in France: Emil moves in with his friend Gabrielle, while Stanko attempts to climb the ladder on the fringes of lawfulness, in the world of gambling and cock fighting. Anna, their mother, who has never forgotten her home country, dreams of going back to Montenegro as a family. The arrival of Larkos, their uncle, who has finally been released from prison and is over the moon to be reunited with his first love, will catalyse events and the inevitable confrontation…

The shooting of “Brotherland” will continue in Pays de la Loire Region until mid-May.

Discover the photos of the shooting in Brest: