More than 140 professionals at the annual event created by  Le Groupe Ouest and Gan Foundation

More than 140 people, including 90 producers came to discover the projects of LA SÉLECTION — Talents 2018, the annual event for professionals created by Le Groupe Ouest and Gan Foundation for Cinema.

On 1 March, LA SÉLECTION gathered 10 authors developing their feature films (1st or 2nd):
— Bergeronnette by Lucrèce Andreae and Jérémie Moreau
— No Man’s Land by Julie Benegmos
— Le Dernier bourreau by Nicolas Birkenstock
— L’Arrière monde by Germain Huard
— Le Bruit des anges by Blandine Jet
— Les Sans voix by David Meadeb
— La Camel Driving School by Halima Ouardiri
Dis-leur que je reste by Ludivine Saës
— Eurêka Emilie ! by Alix Fizet and Sophie Tavert Macian
— Voir Téhéran by Nicolas Ducray and Diako Yazdani

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