A place and an approach dedicated to screenwriting

Groupe Ouest’s approach is based on the expertise of our script-consultants and the best Film Labs in independent cinema around the world. An experience by the sea, facing the wind.



Our goal is above all to coach writers

Groupe Ouest & Writing: we acknowledge that screenwriting is often the most difficult and drawn-out step in the making of a feature film. It is a process lasting two to five years during which the screenwriter dreams of being guided, read, advised by the brightest minds — those thoroughly familiar with meaningful storytelling. In Anglo-Saxon countries, story-editors (alongside screenwriters) are paid to do just that. In France, no way. Groupe Ouest aims to address this need.

A Joint Approach to Storytelling in Film

Groupe Ouest’s approach is the result of twenty years of experience at the heart of screenwriting networks in Europe, Canada and various parts of the world; a thorough effort to extract the most useful methods for screenwriters. A sort of lowest common denominator starting point without which emerging writers are faced with arbitrary, subjective feedback and criticism from their readers. We believe these basic methodological principles to be an essential prerequisite for the successful accompaniment of screenwriters. Our approach is not intended to limit writers in their imaginary territories but, on the contrary, to help them explore narrative possibilities and various structuring processes in order to reinforce their world, all within a clearly defined framework.

© Brigitte Bouillot

Time, Space and Sharing in Brittany

Although we like to keep it a secret(!), the “Groupe Ouest Method” is simple: a “homey” work environment by the sea, a long term strategy that allows time for successful development. We offer an enriching meeting point and rigorous construction-deconstruction phases, supervised by script-consultants who are well aware of the difficulties of writing. At Groupe Ouest, exchange is what it’s all about. Working closely with the writer, two simple words become our tool: “Tell me”.

© Brigitte Bouillot

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Throughout the centuries, storytelling has been the chief tool for transmission, the means by which people share unique, enlightening, grounding experiences, be it fact or fiction. Through speech, each one of us can share our poetic, political and mystical human experiences. Today, this transmission through storytelling has been negleet on-screen, be it cinema or television. Groupe Ouest aims at helping writers reclaim this crucial role: to convey emotions and build bridges between human beings. Groupe Ouest believes in the re-establishment of storytelling as a means of reaffirming the sacred bond that exists between storyteller and listener, based on the very notion of creator-spectator relationship, in its most humane sense.