Residential writing workshops

Helping with the scriptwriting process, exploring new methods for creating stories, coaching writers, helping them find their “touch” and produce a meaningful story, a blueprint for a powerful movie. In Brittany, Le Groupe Ouest, welcomes scriptwriters and their projects for residential workshops by the sea.

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For Groupe Ouest, writers are true gems. They are invited to stay at Brignogan-Plages (Brittany), to work in small groups of eight to ten writers. The coaching workshops are conducted by experienced consultant-scriptwriters involved in international independent cinema networks. A meticulous approach to help writers reach the essence of the story they wish to tell. A coaching method like none other in France. But shh! We keep it a secret!

Scriptwriting Coaching

Why such care? That’s easy: being a scriptwriter means dealing with difficulties few people are aware of. It may take two to five years to deliver a feature film screenplay worthy of the name. More often than not, people get discouraged and give up. But writers are the ones with a vision. We wish them to come from all parts of the world and all social groups, to tell the story of our world and help us understand it. Providing quality coaching to today’s writers is the key to offering rich and powerful movies to the next generation.

Reinforcing European independent cinema at its core

The idea behind working closely with writers is to reinforce European independent cinema at its core as it seeks to broaden its audience. The dreaded writing process is the time for defining the intimate strategy by which the writer will connect with the audience. That stage therefore holds the essence of it all, which can be recreated neither during the shooting nor the cutting and editing process.

Photo d'un auteur face à la mer dans la baie de Brignogan

Feature films, short films, series, documentaries, etc.: a project-specific coaching approach.

Throughout the year, from our HQ at the tip of Finistère (Brittany, France), we issue calls for projects targeted at scriptwriters and directors. Various scriptwriting coaching approaches can be identified.

Annual Selection
A nine-month coaching for eight projects selected on a yearly basis

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