They create tomorrow’s images and sounds

Groupe Ouest has invested in various research and innovation programmes associated with tomorrow’s images, together with numerous French and international partners, universities, and companies.

Images & Réseaux: Global Competitiveness Hub

Associated with various collaborative projects, the global competitiveness hub Images & Réseaux boosts innovation in a key domain of the new era of information and communication — services and technologies associated with new uses of digital data and media and with the Internet of the future.
Created in 2005, the hub brings together more than 200 actors – big groups, SMEs, public research and teaching centres – in Brittany and Pays de la Loire Region. It develops partnerships with several European, Asian, or even North and South American partners and clusters.
As Management Board member of Images & Réseaux within the SME/associations section, Groupe Ouest takes part in the decision-making process such as the hub’s orientation choices and strategic axes.
In 2010-2011, the project “Il était une fois 5” led by Images & Réseaux was the perfect opportunity for Groupe Ouest to share its methods and expertise in the field of screenwriting and, in a second stage, help in successfully carrying out the production of innovative cinematographic experimentations in Stereo 3D.

Images & Réseaux website

B<>com: Insitute of Technological Research

B<>com is one of the eight technological research institutes created in France in 2010 as part of an investment programme for the future. It strives to put Brittany on the international map as a leader of innovative technologies, particularly in the field of immersive imaging (Stereo 3D, holograms, auto-stereoscopy…).
Groupe Ouest was associated with the creation of the programme MediaImmersif that aims at defining the technological building blocks needed to develop high quality multimedia content, (with possibly more interaction through collaborations with more of the Technological Research Institute’s projects) by defining a new user experience of image and sound, which is interactive and immersive.

B<>Com website

3D Fovéa: 3D Accessibility Observatory

3D Fovéa is an observatory of Stereo 3D accessibility. The mission of this Scientific Interest Group (GIS) is to study, observe, and evaluate the impact of various Stereo 3D uses on human behaviour.
Its objective is to familiarise those creating Stereo 3D content to new technologies (Stereo 3D cinema, Stereo 3D TV) by addressing the problem of developing Stereo 3D content in various public, professional and scientific (medicine, industry, etc.) domains.
Based at the Brest Technopole, GIS 3D Fovéa was established by its founding members Télécom Bretagne, Western Brittany University (UBO), the teaching hospital of Brest (CHU), and Groupe Ouest.

3D Fovéa website

Falmouth University

Following the opening of the AIR innovation centre, Falmouth University aims at becoming a world-wide reference for higher education in the field of imaging,with new approaches to professional training. AIR is a centre dedicated to new partnerships between the creative industries and new technologies.

Falmouth University website

Bournemouth University

England’s largest professional training centre for Media Studies. The research laboratories’ level of expertise is recognized internationally, particularly in the field of VFX (special effects).iaux).

Bournemouth University website