Our partners are convinced that culture plays a crucial role in the economic development of Brittany

Local authorities and Europe are responsible for fostering Groupe Ouest’s development as well as providing support. Innovation, economic development, artistic creativity: Groupe Ouest is at the heart of a new impulse to decentralise and develop the creative industries.

Photo de la maison encastrée dans les rochers de Meneham (Kerlouan)
Our team is implementing a cross-cutting project combining decentralisation strategies, cultural development, research and innovation, economic development, globalisation, land use planning and a social solidarity economy.

European UnionEuropeCreative

The EU programme Creative Europe aims at reinforcing and developing Europe’s creative industries.
Within the MEDIA framework, this programme targets more particularly the film, audiovisual and gaming industries by providing funding for each sector.

Brittany Regional CouncilLogo région

Based on a three-year plan, Brittany Region is committed to developing film and audiovisual creativity in the region and encourages exchange between artists and their projects, works and experiences. Groupe Ouest is supported by Brittany Region under the general interest assets scheme for associations.

General Council of the French Department of FinistèreLogo CG29

The Conseil départemental du Finistère is committed to promoting economic and cultural activity in rural areas as well as strengthening the development of a leading platform for the film industry in Europe.

CNC / Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

Le CNC soutient le Groupe Ouest dans ses objectifs de favoriser et de soutenir la création, de permettre des résidences, des rencontres et une dynamique d’émulation entre professionnels, et de formation des nouvelles générations, ainsi que l’exploration des nouveaux champs d’utilisation et de pratiques de l’image numérique.

Lesneven-Côte des Légendes authoritiesLogo CCPdLCdL

Under the Territory Agreement established by the Conseil Général du Finistère, the Communauté de Communes is investing in a high-value-added cultural industry.

Brest métropole (City of Brest)

Promoting technological innovation, Brest brings full support to local partners of the Cross Channel Film Lab.


Investments: a 5,500m² platform

We needed the perfect spot for our team, for writers, filmmakers, researchers and for companies — a setting designed to inspire innovative and creative independent cinema. In 2012, Groupe Ouest settled in Plounéour-Trez, at the heart of what once was a working farm. The purchase of the building and the first stages of renovation have increased the project’s visibility. This was made possible through Pays de Lesneven and Côtes des Légendes’s support, first by purchasing the property and then by collaborating in the construction project. Financing was provided by Brittany Region (23%), the French State (FNADT 11% and ADEME 9%), the Finistère Council (11%) and Europe (Leader Plus 8%). Until further development, Groupe Ouest offers a working space of 600m².