International Partners

LIM | Less is More

Supported by Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, LIM | Less is More – the European developement programme for limited budget feature films – is led by Le Groupe Ouest (France), developed with Control N (Romania), Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF (Belgium), Krakow Festival Office – KBF (Poland), and the Transilvania International Film Festival – TIFF (Romania), in partnership with the Lithuanian Film Centre, the Norwegian Film Institute, as well as the Macedonian Film Agency.

LIM | Less is More website

Cross Channel Film Lab

The Cross Channel Film Lab is a European centre of excellence in the field of digital imaging for independent filmmaking. The Lab specialises in Stereo 3D, visual effects (VFX), and screenwriting adapted to these new technologies. The Cross Channel Film Lab aims at making these resources available to low-budget film productions, with the conviction that that these films represent one of the most inventive sectors in the future of European film production.

Cross Channel Film Lab website


Based in Turin, the TorinoFilmLab has become an undisputed European reference, not only for its mentorship of emerging filmmakers, but for its leadership in the international co-production market for independent cinema. The success of the TorinoFilmLab proves that the will exists in Europe to create fruitful trans-regional collaborations that value culture as a strategic asset for the future of cinema.

TorinoFilmLab website

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Since 1971, Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinéma has been devoted to the development and transmission of new trends in filmmaking and new media. The Festival du Nouveau Cinéma serves as a springboard for the publicity of original works. It is one of the most well-regarded institutions of independent cinema in North America.

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma website

Creative England

Creative England is an agency dedicated to the development of image and film professions in England. Creative England works to support the creative industries by investing in young, talented people through funding and professional exchange platforms.

Creative England website

National Partners

The Gan Foundation for Cinema

The Gan Foundation for Cinema has a twofold mission: to contribute to the preservation of film heritage worldwide and to support developments in contemporary film production, distribution and use.

The Gan Foundation for Cinema website


Created in 2001, Séquences7 main mission is to promote the scriptwriter’s profession.

Séquences7 website

International Screenwriter Festival

The International Screenwriter Festival aims at highlighting the screenwriter’s craft, introducing emerging talents, and sparking interest in the screenwriting process. The Festival is held annually in Valence (France) from the end of March to the beginning of April.

International Screenwriter Festival website

The Moulin d’Andé Céci (Centre for Film Writing)

The Moulin d’Andé (the Mill at Andé), a historic 12th-century monument, was converted into a workspace for artists in 1957 and has since become a welcoming retreat where creativity blossoms. Since the French New Wave, the Moulin has enjoyed a long-standing reputation as a haven for film writers, leading to the creation, in 1998, of the Céci, a permanent centre dedicated to screenwriting.

The Moulin d’Andé Céci website

Éditions Dixit

Reference in the sharing of audiovisual and film knowledge.

Dixit website

Panorama of North African and Middle Eastern Film

The Panorama of North African and Middle Eastern Film is one of the great meeting places in France for the cinema of the Arab world. It is coordinated by the organisation Indigènes Films in partnership with the city of Saint-Denis, France.

Panorama of North African and Middle Eastern Film website

The European Conservatory of Audiovisual Writing

The Conservatory’s introductory training in screenwriting is widely regarded throughout France.

CEEA website

Regional Partners

Films en Bretagne

Established in 1999, Films en Bretagne represents and brings together film and audiovisual professionals in Brittany, with the goal of promoting development in audiovisual and film production and creation throughout the region.

Films en Bretagne webiste

Ty Films

The organisation Ty Films is convinced that quality documentary filmmaking will find its audience in the most unexpected places. And here’s the proof: in 2007, Ty Films created the film festival “Documentary Film Meetings,” held in Mellionnec (Brittany) every year during the last weekend in June.

Ty Films website

Groupe Ouest Développement

After training screenwriters on a European level since 2007, Groupe Ouest has set up, along with its Yearly Selection, several residential coaching programmes at Brignogan-Plages carried out by Groupe Ouest Développement. This allows for a wide adaptation depending on the level and the needs of the writers.

Groupe Ouest Développement website

Brest European Short Film Festival

Considered as one of the leading meeting points in Europe, the Brest festival specialises in spotting promising young filmmakers. Most of the big names in contemporary European cinema made their debut in Brest.

Brest European Short Film Festival website

Travelling Film Festival

The aim of Clair Obscur, an association founded in 1988, is to promote films and audiovisual media in Brittany, in the historical neighbourhood of Villejean in Rennes. Every year, Clair Obscur organizes its major event with the help of Rennes 2 Arts University Film Society, the Travelling Film Festival, in a city known for its vibrant cultural life.

Travelling Film Festival website

Douarnenez Film Festival

Douarnenez Film Festival is an international film festival that started in 1978. It screens unknown works and is dedicated to minorities and questions of identity.

Douarnenez Film Festival website

Dinard British Film Festival

True to its origins, the Dinard British Film Festival, with its media coverage, has become an important vector for British films looking to conquer the European market.

Dinard British Film Festival website


Cinéphare is a network of thirty-three cinemas and film-lovers associations in Brittany. Their aim is to ensure film diversity by screening art-house or experimental cinema, documentaries, short films as well as classics. Cinéphare contributes to the cultural organisation of the territory by helping small and medium sized cinemas work together.

Cinéphare website

Zoom Bretagne (Cinéphare)

Founded in January 2013, Zoom Bretagne makes sure that films and audiovisual content produced and / or shot in Brittany get more attention and publicity. The major axes around which they work are: improving the visibility of the films for broadcasters and the public, promote exchanges between the makers and the public, offer services that would benefit broadcasting companies in order to broadcast these films in different types of places (cinemas, multimedia libraries, cultural centres…)

Zoom Bretagne website

Technician Certificate (BTS) in Audiovisual Industry
Editing and post-production option with apprenticeship

This is the first free undergraduate training programme in the Academy of Rennes. This programme aims at promoting the development of new skill sets in Brittany, and at helping younger generations with innovative and strategic planning for the future.

Saint-François Notre-Dame high school website

École du Théâtre National de Bretagne

The TNB Theatre School, founded in 1991, is a higher education programme which benefits from subsidies by the State, the city of Rennes, and Brittany Region. Around fifteen students gain admission to this programme through an exam. This programme takes place over three years and all the students are scholarship holders. The TNB school is henceforth an indisputable reference in the field of theatre.

TNB website