Join forces and link your business to the development of cinema in Brittany!

Participate in the development of a promising sector for Brittany’s culture and economy, all while enjoying the benefits of custom and original communication: for businesses, becoming a sponsor of Breizh Film Fund or Groupe Ouest is a logical choice. Creativity, innovation, globalisation: strong values shared among Breton entrepreneurs and amazing filmmakers.

Groupe Ouest and Breizh Film Fund are the result of a militant, professional and prospective commitment, aiming to make Brittany a key player in tomorrow’s film industry. This commitment is twofold in its conviction: it can only be successful by bringing together all the talents and daring figures of Brittany. Those in the public eye and cultural world, of course, but also those in the economic world, such as the extraordinary adventure of the “associative company” Produit en Bretagne.

In a world of images, the film industry allows for existence

In today’s up and coming world, regions that fail to be at the forefront of image making will be relegated to the past of history and be marginalised in the development of the “creative industries”, considered to be a main field of employment for decades to come. What has been done and accomplished in “small” European countries like Iceland, Denmark, or in small regions such as Flanders or Piedmont, can be done today in Brittany.

Become a co-producer in tomorrow’s cinema, “produced in Brittany”

Mainly through the quality of its education system, Brittany has fostered extraordinary writing, image and sound, digital special effects and production talents. Brittany has breathtaking landscapes and lighting, stories to tell, daring entrepreneurs able to export, and research laboratories unique to France as far as new imagery technologies go. We are living proof of all the considerable assets we have at our disposal. It is solely up to us to make them fruitful, in the name of past and future generations.

Sponsorship at Goupe Ouest is the lever of communication on a regional, national and even international scale

This fight is taken on by a general interest organisation which benefits the entire region. In a dynamic of a public-private partnership unique in France, we suggest emblematic companies, in bold Breton fashion, to support Groupe Ouest. The framework of the Law of 1 August 2003 made French patronage the most advantageous legal system in Europe. It allows us to offer tax-exempt partnerships at 60% (66% for private individuals), for which custom and original counterparts are designed. Through our communication tools (Ça tourne à l’Ouest), our events (Rencontres au cinéma), our expertises (cinematic storytelling training)… and thanks to our Breton, French or foreign films, “written, filmed or co-produced in Brittany,” which have become a valuable communication medium for our partner companies.

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