The audacity of committed entrepreneurs
with a cultural and economic ambition in Brittany

Service, finance and food-processing industry: Brittany abounds in audacious companies and engines of development. Together with Groupe Ouest, they are committed to decentralising the film-making process and building a cultural and creative industry, which brings value and meaning to their territory. In exchange for their investment, companies benefit from targeted and meaningful human communication.

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Brittany is one of those territories which know how to reinvent their fate. Traditionally a land of farmers and sailors, today it is also a land of entrepreneurs and researchers, invested alongside Groupe Ouest in the creation of a new imagination, a promising sector, representing tomorrow’s European excellence: a cinema that puts spectators at the heart of a creative and human experience.

Major sponsor: Crédit Agricole du Finistère

Since 2009, Crédit Agricole du Finistère has stood alongside Groupe Ouest in its efforts to stimulate a renewal in film-making. As a major sponsor of Groupe Ouest, this bank materialises a joint commitment to develop a multifaceted project: the promotion of a territory, youth education, the involvement of the local population, and reaping economic benefits, all through a decentralised film-making industry in tune with the Europe of tomorrow. Crédit Agricole puts its financial engineering into research and into creating new financing tools for cinema.
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Official sponsors: Le Télégramme and Tébéo

Helping to distribute information about the opportunities offered by Groupe Ouest, the regional daily newspaper Le Télégramme and the DTT channel Tébéo are one of the first partners to have supported us.


Official sponsor: Altran

A leading player in technology consultancy, Altran develops around two ideas: innovation as a decisive factor of distinction, and the capacity to mobilize the best talents as a condition for success. Two beliefs shared by Groupe Ouest! Altran France puts its expertise at the service of the association within a skills sponsorship framework.


Founders Club

These companies have chosen to commit early on, alongside Groupe Ouest, to develop a promising sector in the heart of the ‘Coast of Legends’:

Bihan Voyages, Lesneven
La Butte, Plouider
SILL, Plouvien
Union Archipel, Brest
SARL Braoenig, Goulven
SELARL Xavier Moal & Associés, Brest
Yprema, Carhaix
SKTP, Kerlouan
Produit en Bretagne, Brest
Structuré Bois, Kernilis
Blécon & Associés, Brest

Image extraite d'un film sur le monde agricole avec des cachettes en premiers plan et un tracteur travaillant la terre en arrière-plan