… Le Groupe Ouest’s 2016 Annual Selection

The 2016 Annual Selection films are starting to bloom and we are delighted of it!

Leyla Bouzid received a grant from the CNC for advance on receipts for her second feature film co-produced by Arte France Cinéma – “A Story of Love and Desire” – developed as part of the 2016 Annual Selection.

After her first feature – “As I Open My Eyes” (2015) – which received very positive reviews upon its release, the French-Tunisian filmmaker is teaming with Blue Monday Productions again for her second feature. Shooting is planed to be on Autumn 2019.

The filmmaker Chloé Mazlo & her co-writer Yacine Badday have also just obtained from the CNC an advance on receipts for their feature film “Under Alice’s sky” (formerly “Les Désorientaux”), developed as part of the 2016 Annual Selection and part of the 2017 Talents of LA SÉLECTION, an annual event co-created by the Groupe Ouest & Gan Film Foundation.

The film is produced by Moby Dick and shooting is planed for the end of year 2019.

Marion Desseigne-Ravel — filmmaker selected for the 2016 Annual Selection with her project “Cats have nine lives, me a little less” — is one of the 4 winners of the 2019 Gan Film Foundation selection with her feature film project THE BEST.

Photo (left to right) : Leyla Bouzid, Chloé Mazlo, Marion Desseigne-Ravel & Yacine Badday