Alvaro Brechner’s feature (Brignogan 2010) in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Language Film!

Mr.Kaplan, by writer-director Alvaro Brechner, was selected by the Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Institute (ICAU) to represent Uruguay in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Language Film.

Alvaro Brechner developed a part of Mr.Kaplan script in Brignogan as a participant of Script&Pitch 2010 program. The film is co-produced by Baobab Films (Spain), Salado Media (Uruguay) and Razor Film (Germany).

Mr.Kaplan is already running in Uruguayan cinemas and has been sold to many territories, among which Brasil, Australia, Greece, Israel, Turkey and Switzerland, plus HBO American Television Network. It is going to participate in worldwide film festivals such as Busan International Film Festival, Biarritz Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival et Chicago International Film Festival.


What the critics said:

“Mr.Kaplan probably represents Uruguay’s best shot ever at making the final­‐five shortlist for the Best Foreign Language Oscar… this highly amusing crowd-­pleaser serio­‐comedy has already chalked up a number of festival outings. Eminently likeable, it has tangible commercial potential as a niche release abroad even without shortlist support.”
Hollywood Reporter (US)

“Uruguay’s Foreign Film submission is a thoughtful joy to watch. I would not be surprised to see it up on the Kodak theatre podium beating this year’s popular grittier contenders based on how easy and rewarding Mr.Kaplan is to watch. I’d be cheering for it anyhow. Mr.Kaplan is certainly a treat for any ticket holders. It’s a film that takes itself seriously enough to have weight and depth to its characters and themes, but not seriously enough to still have fun while doing it. They main couple make a wonderful twosome, both in their comic and tragic moments.”
Awards Circuit (UK)

“…The chemistry between our crime­‐fighting duo is infectious, with Noguera’s deadpan gruffness meeting its match with the bumbling and brash Guzzini. But between the comedy, Brechner cleverly intertwines the serious issues that lie behind Kaplan’s intentions–heritage is unforgivably being forgotten… Told with heart throughout, Alvaro Brechner delivers a hugely entertaining narrative alongside a take-home thought of how far we’d go to honour our heritage.”
The London Word (UK)

“Shot in Uruguay, this film is a wonderful explosion of colour and sunshine… shows Brechner’s exceptional storytelling skill at work. He has a wonderful ability to comment on the frailty and contradictions of human nature while never passing judgment. Instead we see storytelling that takes difficult ideas and the unpalatable parts of human behaviour and looks at them with a respect and humour that allows the audience to be conspirators rather than judge. He also shows his ability to portray characters that have real depth; this film looks at both the small and big moments that make up a life.”
Loose-­Lips (UK)

“There are many great onscreen duos, but they aren’t as exciting and touching as the two amateur detectives in one of my favourite films of the festival: Mr.Kaplan.”
Wizard Radio (UK)

“Charming and enjoyable… Brechner’s film is a delightful take on our desire to feel a purpose in our lives.”
Sound and Colours (UK)

“While the sharp mixture of comedy and drama follow a winning Chaplinesque tradition, there are vast styles of comedy exhibited in this film from slapstick to deadpan. Mr.Kaplan gets its fair share of laughs, but it is ultimately its great success in utilising its dramatic element that adds a more rewarding three dimensional depth to its narrative. Brechner never forgets the serious aspects of the story, such as the one of the late-­life crisis, mortality and even depression.”
Cinecola (UK)

“MR.KAPLAN has a some fine performances, a bone-­dry take on life, a vibrant camera capturing the action from interesting angles and a stringent script, which makes the audience root for Jacob because he is such a lovable anti-‐hero.”
Filmuforia (UK)

“Excellently played by Héctor Noguera!”
Cinemanía (Spain)

“Fun and exciting. Unmissable!”
H. Segura, El País (Uruguay)

“The best movie of the year”
J.Ruffinelli, critic and researcher, Stanford University (US)

“A well rounded script. Two hours of exhilirating joy.”
Rodolfo Santullo, El Observador (Uruguay)

“Outstanding. Brechner’s second film makes him the most upstanding exponent of Uruaguayan cinema”
Augustine Acevedo, La Diaria (Uruguay)

“A gem! Hilarious and highly intelligent.”
Martin Reyes, El Espectador (Uruguay)

“A real example of early maturity”
William Zapiola, El País (Uruguay)

“A truly hilarious dramedy, combining humor with swift and intelligent composition of complex characters”
Hugo Acevedo, La Republica (Uruguay)

“An excellent film, highly enjoyable”
Gonzalo Hernandez, RadioRock (Uruguay)

“Brechner again makes an intimate film that uses comedy and tragedy alike”
Mathias Davalos, Uy Press (Uruguay)

“For Brechner, nothing human is alien. A thriller that takes the humor, pain, and ultimate truths of life and death.”
Paula Montes, Critics Association of Uruguay

“The most interesting filmmaker working in our country. Mr.Kaplan, his second feature, is the ultimate Uruguayan film”
Sebastian Lasarte, Cineenuy (Uruguay)

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