The Breton rendezvous for the release of Bernard Bellefroid’s feature film – Groupe Ouest 2012

Melody, Bernard Bellefroid‘s (Groupe Ouest 2012 Yearly Selection) second feature film will be on French cinema screens on the 6th of May 2015. Thanks to the support of the Breizh Film Fund, the implication of .Mille et une. Films and of Brittany Regional Council, this film written, coproduced, shot and post-produced in Brittany, benefits from a strong distribution in Brittany.

Here are the dates of the Breton preview showing in the presence of Bernard Bellefroid:
> Monday 27 April – Cinema Vers le Large – Dinan
> Tuesday 28 April – Cinema les Studios – Brest

The Breizh Film Fund organises 3 other rendezvous in the presence of Bernard Bellefroid:
> Wednesday 20 May – Cinema le Bretagne – Saint-Renan
> Thursday 21 May – Cinema le Rex – Crozon
> Friday 22 May – Cinema Even – Lesneven

Melody decides to become a surrogate mother in exchange for a large sum of money which will allow her to buy the hairdressing salon she dreams of.


All news on Melody on the Facebook page.

© Béatrice Pettovich