Leyla Bouzid – Groupe Ouest 2016 – feature film among the 10 films of the Official Selection

The 10 films of the 2016 LUX FILM PRIZE Official Selection – prize given to a competing film by the European Parliament – have been revealed on 3 July 2016 at the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Among these ten films is selected As I Open My Eyes of Leyla Bouzid, released in cinemas in December 2015. The film already received numerous prizes: Venice Days – Public & Europa Cinema Prizes, Dubaï International Film Festival Prize, etc.

Since 2007, the European Parliament LUX FILM PRIZE casts an annual spotlight on films that go to the heart of European public debate. The films selected for the LUX FILM PRIZE competition help to air different views on some of the main social and political issues of the day and, as such, contribute to building a stronger European identity. They help celebrate the universal reach of European values, illustrate the diversity of European traditions and shed light on the process of European integration. The LUX FILM PRIZE has become a quality label backing European film productions. Its winning films have become hits within the EU and beyond. It has helped publicise films that might have otherwise been seen and discovered by few people and has put the spotlight on urgent topical issues.

Leyla is currently writing within the framework of Groupe Ouest’s Yearly Selection her second feature film: Trois histoires d’amour et de désirs (Three stories of love and desires).