LIM2022 Selection

In 2022, LIM | Less is More shifts into a new gear

LIM | Less is More, the training and coaching programme for feature film development driven by Le Groupe Ouest and powered by Creative Europe (MEDIA) opens a new chapter of its adventures. A few months ago, LIM team decided to rename its core motto: for committed filmmakers in a changing world. For LIM’s artistic director, Antoine Le Bos, “with the dark context we are going through in Europe, we need to fight like hell to generate films that can help us wake up!”.

In this perspective, LIM team has been shaping a new quartet of tutors/script consultants. The seventeen filmmakers and twelve Development angels selected in 2022 will work with Tony Grisoni (UK & Italy), screenwriter of Terry Gilliam and Michael Winterbottom among others, Lucile Hadzihalilovic (France), writer-director of Innocence and Evolution, and collaborator of Gaspar Noé for most of his films, Vinca Wiedemann (Denmark), script-advisor and close collaborator of Lars von Trier on Nymphomaniac and Melancholia, as well as of Thomas Vinterberg on The Hunt, and last but not least Romain Compingt (France), screenwriter of Golden Camera Divines as well as the moving En attendant Bojangles.

This outstanding team of European brains will have to find the right point of fusion with a very unique and human selection of talents and projects that can embody our struggle for meaning and awakening:
With the second features of Edon Rizvanolli (Kosovo) who created a strong impression with his Unwanted in 2017, Antoine Russbach (Switzerland) with the second part of his shouting trilogy started with the multi-awarded Those who work, Reinis Kalvins (Latvia) who delivered with The Shift a unique Noir experience so close to the Russian border. We also have Vincent Maël Cardona who left a strong impression at the 2021 Cannes’ Quinzaine des réalisateurs with Les Magnétiques – César for Best First Film last week – and now comes back to his roots with a story based in rural Brittany, as well as the third feature of Christian Volckman – we cannot forget the unique film experiences generated by Renaissance and The Room. And the first features of filmmakers coming from an outstanding background in short film, theatre, documentary or visual arts: Jela Hasler (Switzerland), Fanny Ovesen (Norway & Sweden), Andreea Valean (Romania), Valeria Testagrossa & Giulia Pietrozini (Italy), and Deborah Viegas (Brazil & Portugal). Coming from the troubled context of today’s middle east, Nitzan Rozen (Israel) and Dahlia Nemlich (Lebanon) will keep us awake until very late, like Sandro Souladze, young and talented Georgian filmmaker, so close to a burning border also. Like often in LIM, a strong and singular presence from Wales and Scotland, with Zillah Bowes and Isaac Knights-Washbourn with their first features also. And from Flanders, Belgium, the daring Meltze Van Collie, taking us to Greenland, for a bit of fresh air that we definitely need!

Following the whole process of development, the Development angels just selected by LIM for 2022 generate a unique scope of European professionals dedicated to helping deliver/nurture strong screenplays for tomorrow’s independent cinema: Cecilie Aspenes (Norway), Andrés Bartos (Catalonia, Spain), Diana Caravia (Romania), Viktorija Cook (Lithuania), Mirna Everhard (The Netherlands & Flanders, Belgium), Harry Flöter (Germany), James Heath (Scotland, UK), Judith Lichtneckert (Switzerland), Jules Reinartz (France), as well as Mira Staleva (Bulgaria), and Raymond van der Kaaij (The Netherlands).

Last but not least, in the tragic context of Putin’s invasion, LIM team is honored to welcome among this year’s Development angels, Aleksandra Zakharchenko, from Ukraine.

A selection composed by Massimiliano Nardulli – LIM Head of Talents, together with Ciarán Charles (Ireland), Gaia Meucci-Astley (UK), Héloïse Noé (France), Alki Politi (Greece) and Michal Reich (Czech Republic).

LIM | Less is More is supported by Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, led by Le Groupe Ouest (France), developed with Control N (Romania), Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF (Belgium), and Krakow Festival Office – KBF (Poland), in partnership with the Lithuanian Film Centre, the Norwegian Film Institute, Région Bretagne (France), as well as Screen Scotland (UK) and Focal (Switzerland).