Portrait de Leyla Bouzid

At the end of 2019, the filmmaker is shooting her film “Une histoire d’amour et de désir” developed at Le Groupe Ouest

Since 14 October 2019, Leyla Bouzid is shooting her second feature film, A Story of Love and Desire, in Paris region. This film was developed within the framework of Le Groupe Ouest’s Annual Selection in 2016.

The film paints the portrait of Ahmed (played by Sami Outalbali), a young French man of Algerian origins, at the crucial moment of his sexual awakening. Through his decisive encounters with Farah (played by Zbeida Belhajamor), a young woman who has just arrived from Tunis, and with Arab erotic literature, he will emancipate himself and question what he believed to be his roots.

After her first feature – “As I Open My Eyes” (2015) – which received very positive reviews upon its release, the French-Tunisian filmmaker is teaming with Blue Monday Productions again for her second feature. Before the summer, she received the support from the French CNC. The film is co-produced by Arte France Cinéma and distribution will be handled by Pyramide. Shooting will end on 10 December 2019.