Based at the ‘Coast of Legends’, Le Groupe Ouest makes sure on a daily basis that its laboratory for the upcoming film industry flourishes, through a close cooperation with neighbouring villages. They have been there from the start; the village of Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages in particular, or more generally Lesneven Côte des Légendes community, have always welcomed us. Le Groupe Ouest’s team and consultants are given the opportunity to work in a unique setting!

Le Groupe Ouest and the filmmakers’ training in our villages would not exist without the efforts of dozens of people giving their time and energy. The dynamic generated by Le Groupe Ouest was made possible through the involvement of all our volunteers in Pays Pagan: they always make themselves available for script reading, cooking, driving people around, hanging up posters… Mixing different generations works miracles… The deeply humanistic dimension of Le Groupe Ouest’s local — and pragmatic — utopia just wouldn’t make sense without them.
© Brigitte Bouillot