Along with the Images & Réseaux hub and Brest European Short Film Festival, Groupe Ouest has had the opportunity to assess the impact of production methods and cinematic image on writing. How do technological methods of production and the distribution of images (2D, Stereo 3D, web, computer-generated images, mobile phones) influence screenwriting and the viewers’ perception?
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The collaborative project “Il était une fois 5” led by the the Images & Réseaux hub and Brest European Short Film Festival with which we are associated provides answers to this question using four short films and a web documentary, all produced with the same narrative device.

First Stereo 3D Shooting in Brittany

The collaborative project “Il était une fois 5” decided to base its work on one of Groupe Ouest Yearly Selection feature film projects, La Terre des Païens, written by Nicolas Hervoches and filmed in Ménéham (Kerlouan) from 23 to 31 October 2010. Groupe Ouest provides its expertise in screenwriting and the shooting of innovative films (the first ever fiction film to be shot in Stereo 3D in Brittany).

Can new technologies contribute to the narrative process?

Through this experiment, we intend to identify the manner in which narrative content adapts to different formats — 2D, Stereo 3D, computer-generated images, mobile phones, web — and the way in which viewers receive and experience images in motion.

In addition to the experimental dimension of the programme, “Il était une fois 5” acts as a link between those creating content and those developing new technologies. With this in mind, conference-debates on the value of new technologies for film creation were held in November 2010 during Brest European Short Film Festival. The following issues were addressed: Stereo 3D in all its aspects, Stereo 3D accessibility, virtual reality in film and future prospects for Stereo 3D.

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This project is led by the Pôle Images & Réseaux and Côte Ouest, in collaboration with Apix3D, Artefacto, Bookbeo, Diateam, Groupe Ouest and Tébéo TV.