Screenplay/Images/Sound: a research platform linking up new technology and independent cinema

We live in a world where our relationship to images is constantly mutating. In particular, the way younger generations perceive the very concept of filmed entertainment is changing. In light of this, Le Groupe Ouest firmly believes that it is essential to develop research projects that bring together writers, directors and researchers. It is for this reason that Groupe Ouest has set up a research and creation platform dedicated to visual storytelling and linking up film-making with new audiovisual technology.

Comédienne filmée en gros plan devant un chapelle à Kerlouan

Since the beginning of our adventure, Le Groupe Ouest has been working to develop interfaces between the arts and science in the form of cross-cutting research projects. Given the growing importance of imaging and information technologies in our lives, tomorrow’s platforms for poetic expression will result from the union of creative thinking and applied science. Brittany boasts an exceptional density of top researchers in technology research fields. There is, for instance, the competitiveness cluster Images & Réseaux that focuses on the digital industry, and IRT B-com, a technological research institute that namely works on the future of immersive graphics in human activities.

Since 2010, an applied research laboratory dedicated to the images of tomorrow

Working hand in hand with Breton researchers and European experts in new imaging technology, Le Groupe Ouest had a key role to play in the 2010 “Il était une fois 5” experience, a project for exploring the link between writing and new technological methods for creating and broadcasting images.
Since 2012, the Cross Channel Film Lab is focusing on supporting film-making projects with average or limited budget that seek to develop new methods for creating and creatively using 3D images and sound, as well as visual effects.
Le Groupe Ouest works in collaboration with the CreaLabs of Images & Réseaux, with IRT B-Com and through European projects of the Creative Europe and Interreg programs to develop its applied research platform dedicated to the future of European cinema. The aim is to reinvent both the industry’s writing techniques and the audience’s sensorial experience.

3D technology: a new tool for creative independent cinema

For Groupe Ouest, 3D technology has become of major importance since 2010, when we attempted the first 3D film shooting in Brittany. Undertaken in partnership with the French competitiveness cluster Images & Réseaux, and in collaboration with European experts in 3D technology, this project was a real eye-opener as we dived into a new realm of possibilities. The new shooting methods invented by Alain Derobe (French stereographer who created the 3D effects of Wim Wenders’ movie “Pina”) are opening up doors to a whole new sensorial world in 3D that will have a revolutionary and long-lasting impact on European independent cinema. With the Cross Channel Film Lab, Le Groupe Ouest and its Breton and British partners have established the sole European platform within which applied research is being undertaken on a topic that brings together film directors, writers, engineers and researchers in the social and cognitive sciences.