Maïmouna Doucouré en workshop au Groupe Ouest

…for film projects made in « Le Groupe Ouest »

These last weeks, the results of the supporting committees of the CNC (the French National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image) brought some good news for several writers who were coached within our workshops: four filmmakers who came to Le Groupe Ouest saw their films being supported by the CNC (Advance on takings before shooting)!

Delphine Deloget for Rodéo (Le Groupe Ouest 2015 Annual Selection). Produced by Unité de Production (Caroline Nataf / Bruno Nahon).

Maïmouna Doucouré, who received the César for Best Short Film in 2017 for Maman(s) / Mum(s), came to Plounéour-Brignogan en 2016 to work on the writing of her first feature film: Mignonnes / Cute girls. She received the Advance on takings for this project.

Philippe Lacôte for La Nuit des Rois / The Kings night (produce by Banshee Films). Philippe came to Le Groupe Ouest in 2017 the framework of the international sessions with the TorinoFilmLab.

Raphaël Mathié for the documentary Là-haut perchés / Above perched. Produced by La Luna Productions and coproduced by Tita B. Productions. Raphaël came to Le Groupe Ouest within the framework of the 2016 Annual Selection for the writing of his feature film L’Île / The Island.

29 May 2018
Photo Maïmouna Doucouré — Brigitte Bouillot