Pablo Agüero’s gem – supported by the Breizh Film Fund – in cinemas

I made three residencies at Groupe Ouest, it seems that I am the author who most came in Brittany. It allowed me to disconnect, to have a place to isolate myself and look for solutions for this script. I also found there a bit of Patagonia atmosphere.
Pablo Agüero

Very noticed at Toronto International Film Festival and at San Sebastian Festival in 2015, presented during Berlin Critic’s Week opening in 2016, Eva no duerme (Eva doesn’t sleep) is finally being released on French screens (6 April 2016). After winning the “Grand Prix Sopadin” – Best Scriptwriter, “Ciné+” and “Cinéma en Construction” prizes in Toulouse, the staging prize in Amiens and the “Balance d’Or” (best Argentinian film of the year), the film just obtained eleven nominations at the “Condor” (the Argentinian Oscars).

Pablo Agüero‘s fourth feature film is supported by the Breizh Film Fund: Fred Prémel and Laurence Ansquer, producers at Tita B Productions, a production company settled in Douarnenez (Brittany), received the support of the endowment fund for the coproduction of this feature film.
The film also received the support of our Italian partner, the TorinoFilmLab, in 2015 (TFL Audience Design Fund).

Aguero favors a desaturated, at times almost sepia palette and long takes, some apparently broken up in editing, that help to draw out suspense even while little is happening. The movie’s visceral qualities are substantially enhanced by a theatrical viewing.

Pablo Agüero grew up in a small town in Patagonia. His works include the shorts Más allá de las puertas, First Prize at the Bienal de Art Patagónico, Lejos del sol, Award of the Cork Festival and Prize for Best Short Film at Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires – BAFICI 2005, and Primera nieve, Jury Prize at Festival de Cannes 2006 – Official Competition and First Prize at Festival of Gijón; the TV feature film Salamandra, selected for the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at Cannes 2008; and the feature film 77 doronship, Prize for Best Director at BAFICI 2009.
Pablo Agüero was part of Groupe Ouest Yearly Selection in 2012 and of the Cross Channel Film Lab in 2013 for the development of his third feature film, Reine du Sabbat (in production). He also came to Brignogan in 2009 for the Script&Pitch workshop with the TorinoFilmLab and in 2010 for the writing of Eva no duerme.

Eva no duerme is produced by JBA Production – Jacques Bidou & Marianne Dumoulin (France), Haddock Films – Vanessa Ragone (Argentina) in association with PYRAMIDE, and in coproduction with Tornasol and Tita B Productions.

An independent and radical film to be discovered in cinemas from 6 April!

Instead of telling myself, I have few budget thus I am going to have less ambition, I made the bet of an even more ambitious film. It seems strange, but there was a method. It was to prepare shots perfectly choreographed and to shoot them as challenges; esthetic challenges, but also performance challenges, where in a sequence-shot of fifteen minutes, the actors have to play a dramatic scene, with feelings, moments of action, with complex dialogues… It creates a tension, there is something which could not arrive up to the end, that gives a certain magic to the film.
Pablo Agüero


Evita Perón has died. She is the most loved, but also the most hated political figure of Argentina. A leading expert is given the task of embalming her. After months of hard work, the result is perfect. Meanwhile in Argentina, the coups come one after the other and some dictators want to delete Evita’s legacy from the people’s memory. Her body therefore becomes the focal point of clashes lasting for 25 years. 25 years during which Evita was a more powerful figure than any other living politician.