LIM: the new European project launched by Le Groupe Ouest

LIM – European platform for the development of limited budget feature films – has received the support of Creative Europe. This project is led by le Groupe Ouest (Brittany, France). Its core partners are Control N (Romania), Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF (Belgium), Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe – kbf (Poland) and the Transilvania International Film Festival – TIFF.

In the last few years, a growing proportion of the most creative and innovative feature films in international independent cinema have been produced with very limited budgets (lower than 500 000€). This is the expression of a new reality, carried by a new generation of filmmakers, that can’t be ignored anymore.

Young filmmakers feel the urgency and need to show their worldview and vision of cinema, even with little access to the traditional funding. Moreover, a new generation of shooting and post-production equipment has emerged and as a result, making films with very limited costs is now much easier.

After a test workshop launched in Bucharest in 2015, Le Groupe Ouest and its Romanian partner (Control N) reached the conclusion that cost constraints can be a trigger for high creativity and deep plunge into the depth of storytelling. LIM allows writers, directors and producers to revitalize their work in a new perspective.

The central idea of LIM is to integrate the cost constraints as early as possible in the writing phase. It has become a necessity and it is now possible through LIM to lift the burden of a low budget from the shoulders of the filmmakers and the production team. The creation of LIM was made possible thanks to new script-development methodologies, including collective dynamics, constant brainstorming, testing of potential developments and options for each story within the workshop’s frame, as well as permanent exchanges with shooting professionals during the writing phase…

LIM will select 16 projects (1st to 3rd feature films), from all over Europe in the beginning of their development, carried by writer-directors or duos (writer and director), with or without producers. 4 emerging European producers will participate alongside the development process in order to strengthen their ability to follow the story-editing of limited budget films. There will be three workshops of one week each from March until October 2017. During the second workshop, in Cluj-Napoca in Transilvania, a two day-European event will take place and allow professionals – producers, distributors, international sales-agents, post-production studios, financiers, etc. – to discover the projects developed within LIM. The goal of this annual event is to also launch a European network of collaborations, coproductions and exchange of best practices regarding independent limited budget cinema.

LIM is dedicated to filmmakers having so far completed a minimum of one short film selected in international festivals, and a maximum of 2 completed features. In its desire to open the scope of potential new talents, LIM is also open to artists from documentary, theater and visual arts.

Call for projects launching in October 2016.
The deadline is December 14th 2016.

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