Tarzan & Arab Nasser’s feature film, supported by the Breizh Film Fund, coproduced by Mille et Une Films in cinemas

The brothers Nassers, two Palestinian twins who chose the nicknames of Tarzan and Arab, had not gone unnoticed during 2015 Cannes Film Festival with their first feature film, Dégradé (which means “gradation”, but can be translated as “layered cut” there). It will be released in French cinemas on the 27 April 2016. Dégradé is a comedy taking place in a hairdressing salon for women in Gaza under bombs.

A Palestinian adventure tinged with a “Breton touch”

Tarzan and Arab Nasser’s feature film is one of the first films on which the Breizh Film Fund invested in January 2015, beside Brittany Region. This public-private unprecedented mix cofinanced in equal shares the post-production of Dégradé, letting in the Breton producer Gilles Padovani (.Mille et Une. Films) in the adventure of the brothers Nasser as coproducer. It allowed to seal a beautiful collaboration Brittany-Palestine: the majority of the post-production of the film was entrusted to AGM Factory in Rennes.


This Breton step has been followed by a route through several festivals all around the world: Semaine de la critique – Cannes, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Rio de Janeiro, London Film Festival, Chicago, etc.

Dégradé is produced by Les Films du Tambour (Marie Legrand, Rani Massalha), Made In Palestine Project (Rashid Abdelhamid), and coproduced by Full House (Laurent Baudens), .Mille et Une. Films (Gilles Padovani) and Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair).