Stereo 3D test shoots at Le Groupe Ouest

From April 1st to 4th, the Cross Channel Film Lab Stereo 3D testing shoots took place at le Groupe Ouest. The aim for both selected directors (Gaëlle Denis and Giil Taws) on these tests was to establish formal landmarks for the creation of a “relief ˮ grammar of their own. Scenic box thinking, depth thinking rather than frame thinking, not forgetting the presence of the body, foreseeing the implications of this new poetic language in terms of writing. All week long, script consultants, Stereo 3D experts and specialist researchers assisted the two selected filmmakers, Gaëlle Denis and Giil Taws, in testing the most effective ways for their projects to use technology and engage with audiences at a lower budget.

The Cross Channel Film Lab aims to redefine our use of VFX, Stereo 3D and narrative in low to medium budget feature films.  The Lab offers a feature film development scheme linked to in-depth research. Each year, the Cross Channel Film Lab supports the development of four feature films – two British projects and two French projects – that innovate in their use of Stereo 3D and/or VFX at a low to medium budget. Two of these projects need VFX research, the other two Stereo 3D research. Le Groupe Ouest, co-creator of the Cross Channel Film Lab, is in charge of the test shoots of the two Stereo 3D selected projects in 2014:

• La fille de l’estuaire (The Estuary Girl), directed by Gaëlle Denis ///
• Tro Fañch (Fañch’s Tour), directed by Giil Taws ///