Jean-Baptiste Durand’s feature film: Prix du Scénario finalist!

The six finalist projects for the 34th edition of the Prix du Scénario (Screenplay Awards) were unveiled on February 15, 2021. Bravo to Jean-Baptiste Durand and his project Chiens de la casse (Dogs from the scrapyard), produced by Insolence Productions (Anaïs Bertrand). Jean-Baptiste came to Le Groupe Ouest to develop his feature film as part of the Annual Selection.

The other finalists are:
Jeanne Aslan & Paul Saintillan
, in collaboration with Agnès Feuvre / Les Clés de Jade, produced by Haïku Films (Antoine Delahousse & Thomas Jaeger)
Clément Cogitore / La Goutte d’or, produced by Kazak Production (Jean-Christophe Reymond)
Céline Devaux / Tout le monde aime Jeanne, produced by Les Films du Worso (Sylvie Pialat)
Payal Kapadia / All we imagine as light, produced by Petit Chaos (Thomas Hakim), coproduced with Geko Films and Chalk & Cheese
Alice & Benoît Zeniter / Avant l’effondrement, produced by Elzévir Films (Marie Masmonteil)

A jury will award one of the six finalists a Script Grand Prix and a Special Mention in April 2021.