By the end of 2015, three feature films benefit from Breizh Film Fund support

At this end of 2015, Breizh Film Fund supports three new feature films:
La fille de Brest, Emmanuelle Bercot – Support for the production (Paris-Brest Productions)
Nous, Tikopia, Corto Fajal – Support for the production (Arwestud Films)
Suite armoricaine, Pacale Breton – Soutien for the distribution (Météore Films)

Besides these three films, the Artistic Council of the Breizh Film Fund chosed to support the coaching programme dedicated to the emergence of young authors-directors and producers in Brittany, ESTRAN 6, carried by Films en Bretagne.

Since its creation in 2014, the Breizh Film Fund supported:
Dégradé, Tarzan et Arab Abu Nasser – Support for the post-production (.Mille et Une. Films) – 10 February 2016
Emil Matesic, Sylvain Labrosse – Support for the production (Paris-Brest Productions)
Eva no duerme, Pablo Agüero – Support for the production (Tita B. Productions) – 6 April 2016
Louise en hiver, Jean-François Laguionie – Support for the production (JPL Films)
Melody, Bernard Bellefroid – Support for the distribution (.Mille et Une. Films) – 6 May 2015