Breizh Film Fund, fonds de dotation dédié au soutien du cinéma indépendant

“The Girl From the Estuary” & “Yalda”

The Breizh Film Fund, the first French endowment fund dedicated to supporting independent cinema, created by Le Groupe Ouest, supports two new feature films in 2016.

“The Girl From the Estuary”

Gaëlle Denis, cowritten with Amber Trentham & Chris Andrews
Produced by Ohna Falby for Life to Live Films &
Nathalie Algazi, François Drouot and Marie Sonne-Jensen for La Voie Lactée

Gaëlle Denis’s first feature film, developed at Groupe Ouest 2013 Annual Selection and at Cross Channel Film Lab 2014. The project was also selected at TorinoFilmLab FrameWork 2015 and Next Step Lab 2014 (Semaine de la Critique – Cannes).

Small town Brittany, it is the peak of summer. Misfit Marnie (10) struggles to fit in. When things get tough, she takes refuge in her over-active imagination. She is teased constantly at summer ballet class and her mum has had more than enough of her chaos.

She tries to conform – but it is all swimming upstream. Her mum snaps and takes off with a lover.

Marnie is upset but then discovers Nathalie on an estuary bank, a cool English girl, injured in a car crash. She is on the run and Marnie hides her out in her house. She is everything Marnie wants to be – hip, cosmopolitan – and what is more, she totally gets Marnie. She celebrates her oddness and encourages her to be herself. She teaches her how to dance, how to be cool. She helps Marnie to have confidence and make new friends. Life improves tremendously, even her big brother’s crowd start to think she’s ok.

But as Nathalie recovers she becomes increasingly dangerous and drags Marnie into her mischief – desperate to hatch a plan of escape whatever the costs.


Massoud Bakhshi
Produced by Jacques Bidou and Marianne Dumoulin for JBA Production &
Mahmoud Bakhshi for Bon Gah

Massoud Bakhshi’s second feature film, developed at Groupe Ouest 2015 Annual Selection. His first feature film – “A Respectable Family” – was selected in Cannes Festival in 2012 (Directors’ Fortnight).

Maryam (26) is “temporarily married” to Naser (65). She accidentally kills him, but is pregnant with his child. In Iran, only a victim’s family can pardon the killer. For Maryam, this pardon plays out on the country’s most popular reality show. She quickly realises that nothing is what it seems, including her own family. She must choose between her child and a pardon, in front of millions of viewers.