Financial innovation for films made in Brittany

Relying on the creative force of Breton entrepreneurs, Breizh Film Fund supports films written, produced, filmed or distributed in Brittany. By developing a sector that promises a bright future for the region, opening itself to the world, BFF offers an innovative communication window to Breton firms.


In 2014, Groupe Ouest created the endowment fund, Breizh Film Fund, to create of a new impulse in the field of independent cinema in Brittany.

Brittany as the basis of a double innovation

Breizh Film Fund is twice as innovative. It is, in France, the first endowment fund dedicated to support cinematographic creation. For the first time, sponsorship funds can be invested in the development, production or distribution of a film. It is also the first provider of private funds as financial support for cinema created outside Paris. Brittany thus shows its willingness to appear on the map of the European regions that matter for the 7th art.

Cinema as a development tool

Since its creation, the Breizh Film Fund is based on the work carried out by Groupe Ouest to gather all possible resources, public as well as private, for the development of this promising sector. The choice of establishing an endowment fund was made as part of a study done by Groupe Ouest with the help of Brittany Region and Crédit Agricole du Finistère. Local communities collaborating with Groupe Ouest unanimously support this project. Just like the Breton economic networks and our partner companies. Acting as a significant lever for the regional economy, the Crédit Agricole du Finistère chose to invest 1 million euros in Breizh Film Fund.

Relevant artistic choices as a means of adding value

Breizh Film Fund’s development is based on an economic model that meets some of the many challenges faced in financing French cinema today. It is also based on Groupe Ouest’s role in uncovering powerful film projects by emerging filmmakers. Groupe Ouest has helped with the writing of over 60 films, out of which several are being produced or have been released in cinemas. Breizh Film Fund looks to support new talents, films written or set in Brittany, innovative styles of diffusion or creation, new filmmaking methods based on innovative technology, low budget films with high creativity, collaborations between Brittany and the rest of the world.

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Breizh Film Fund does not issue calls for proposals but searches, throughout the year, for new film projects in line with its strategy.