Scriptwriting & Residential workshops

Helping with the scriptwriting process, exploring new methods for creating stories, coaching writers, helping them find their “touch” and giving birth to a story which makes sense, an architect plan making strong films. In Brittany, Groupe Ouest welcomes scriptwriters and their projects for residential workshops by the sea. Authors are followed-up by script-consultants who have experiences in international scriptwriting training courses.

Along the years, Groupe Ouest developed a singular approach, created by authors for the authors. The location on the seaside is perfect for helping the immersion, collective emulation and free-mind. Everything is done to guide scriptwriters all the way to what they really want to tell.

To develop new training courses for the authors and support them, Groupe Ouest launches Groupe Ouest Développement in 2012.

Come visit Groupe Ouest Développement new website and find out more about all the training courses:

You can apply online. All the training courses are in French only.