The Bulgarian director Ralitza Petrova wins two prizes at Locarno Film Festival for her first feature film – Groupe Ouest 2013

Godless dominated the prize list of International Competition at Locarno Film Festival! Ralitza Petrova – who came to write Godless at Groupe Ouest in 2013 – has taken home from the festival the Golden Leopard, but also the Leopard for Best Actress, for Irina Ivanova.

In a remote Bulgarian town, Gana looks after the elderly with dementia and traffics their ID cards on the black market. Her mother, with whom she hardly speaks, is jobless, and her relationship with her boyfriend is not great either, to put it mildly. With their sexual attraction vanished, their intimacy is reduced to their addiction to morphine. Nothing seems to have consequences for Gana; not even the incidental murder of a patient, who threatens to expose her little traffic. But things start to change when she hears Yoan, a new patient, singing. A growing empathy for the old man awakens her conscience, but when he is arrested for fraud, she learns that “doing the right thing” demands a high price.


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The film is produced by Rossitsa Valkanova for KLAS Film (Bulgaria), and Laurence Clerc and Olivier Thery Lapiney for Alcatraz Films (France).