László Nemes lors d'une interview faite pour l'émission Ca tourne à l'Ouest

The Hungarian filmmaker has revealed plans to shoot his second feature in 2017

It’s a coming-of-age story, also a thriller, the story of a young woman in Budapest. It takes place in a very important moment, before the First World War and before civilisation starts going into the darkness.

Speaking to ScreenDaily on 13 April 2016, László Nemes said he hoped to shoot Sunset, his second feature film, in Budapest in spring 2017. László Nemes came to Groupe Ouest in 2012 to work on Sunset within the framework of the international workshops with the TorinoFilmLab (Script&Pitch 2012).

Sunset is produced by Gábor Sipos (Laokoon Filmgroup), who also produced Son Of Saul (Grand Prix – Cannes 2015, Oscar of the Best foreign language film, etc.). As with Son of Saul, László Nemes plans to shoot on 35mm and to edit on 35mm, which would prove a rare feat as almost all of productions are now assembled using digital technology.

The film will be set in 1910, when Budapest was cosmopolitan, tolerant and full of inhabitants from different cultural and religious backgrounds:


Budapest, 1910.
Iris (21) exits the orphanage where she was raised to become a seamstress. With plans of immigrating to New York City, she heads to a ladies hat store which once belonged to her late parents and is now run by their former associate, Oszkar. As the understanding father figure he appears to be, Oszkar agrees to finance her voyage overseas, and since Iris has no place to stay before her departure the next morning, she is offered shelter in a vacant room behind the store.
In the middle of the night, attracted by the light in the room, a threatening man bursts in, looking for a man named Kalman. Iris soon discovers that Kalman is her brother she knew nothing of, and whose very existence was concealed from her.
Iris delays her departure and starts searching for Kalman. Her investigation leads her step by step down a path of obscure encounters and clues, to a nightmarish cabaret where Kalman stays surrounded by a gang of outcasts.
Caught between Oszkar’s hat store and Kalman’s underworld, between light and darkness, Iris’ mindset is turned upside down when she discovers that her brother is not the criminal he appears to be, and that the hat store hides a place of doom and decay.

László Nemes, Matthieu Taponier & Gábor Sipos speaking of Sunset
at TFL Meeting Event