Affiche de La Fille de Brest & Louis en Hiver

The 2 feature films supported by the Breizh Film Fund
in cinemas on the 23 November

The 23 of November will be a defining moment for cinema in Brittany: “150 Milligrams” and “Louise by the Shore”, both shooted/made and produced in Brittany, will be launched together in French cinemas.

La Fille de Brest / 150 Milligrams, Emmanuelle Bercot’s new feature film, is based on novel “Mediator 150 mg” by Irène Frachon, a doctor who discovered in a Brest hospital the direct relationship between a drug and a number of suspicious deaths. Frachon sets out single-handed on a crusade to reveal the truth.

The film is a Haut et Court production, supported by the Brittany Region, in association with Paris Brest Productions (Brittany) and the support of the Breizh Film Fund. Its world distribution corresponds to Wild Bunch.

Louise en Hiver / Louise by the Shore, Jean-François Laguionie’s new animation feature film relates Louise’s story: on the last day of summer, Louise, an old woman realizes that the last train has departed without her. She finds herself alone in a small seaside resort town, abandoned by everyone...

Le film is produced by JPL Films in Rennes (Brittany) – supported by the Breizh Film Fund for the film production – and by Productions Unité centrale, Arte and TCHACK.

Breizh Film Fund

In 2014, Le Groupe Ouest | European Film Lab created the endowment fund, Breizh Film Fund, to create of a new impulse in the field of independent cinema in Brittany.