La toile se fait écho de la présence de Dégradé – Breizh Film Fund 2014 – à Toronto

Dégradé – Breizh Film Fund 2014 – le premier long-métrage des frères Tarzan et Arab Abu Nasser, après la Semaine de la Critique – Cannes, a fait sa première nord-américaine au Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), sélectionné dans la catégorie Découverte. La 40ème édition du festival s’est tenue du 10 au 20 septembre.

Revue de presse – non exhaustive – suite au passage de Dégradé à Toronto, l’un des plus importants festivals de films au monde !

VARIETY, de Nick Vivarelli
« European Producers Join Middle East Filmmakers to Ride Arab New Wave »

THE MARY SUE, de Lesley Coffin
« […] It is why the directing debut of twin brothers Tarzan and Arab Nasser feels like such a find…because they aren’t just telling a story about women as a gimmick, they seems genuinely interested in observing and understanding the most intimate moments of their lives. […] »

MOVIE MOVES, de Ulkar Alakbarova
« […] You will be amazed by the high quality of the film with solid performances from the entire cast, which is, unfortunately, very little known in North America. »

CINEMA AXIS, de Jess Rogers
« […] What the Nassers succeed in doing is providing a glimpse into what it’s like for women living in a place where most aspects – her hairstyle, her dress, and when all hell breaks loose outside, even her freedom to walk outside – are restricted on various levels. […] »

TORONTO FILM SCENE, de Andrew Parker
« […] Few filmmakers outside of Quentin Tarantino would allow characters like this to banter and interact as much as they do, but it lends the film on the whole a great deal of authenticity that makes it fly by at a tightly packed 80 minutes. […] »